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Interzero latest news at a glance

Key figures, projects and innovations: read all of the latest news about Interzero, our products and services in our Press Centre. Stay up-to-date with all of the latest developments in the recycling industry and sign up for “recyclingnews”, our customer and industry magazine.

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Next-level circular economy: Interzero is revolutionising digital raw materials management

+++ Materialkonto gives companies a digital twin of their raw material/closed loop management system

+++ Innovative tool enables full transparency…

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Circular economy service provider Interzero continues to enhance brand identity

+++ Interseroh+ GmbH becomes Interzero Recycling Alliance GmbH

+++ BRAMIN GmbH is renamed Interzero Baler Solutions GmbH

+++ Interzero forges ahead…

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“Made for Recycling”: an island of positive impact in a sea of green claims

+++ Market check: only three of 163 marketing claims comply with planned EU rules

+++ „Made for Recycling“: With the internationally established…

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Enabled by the Recycling Alliance: ALDI rolls out innovative TANDIL bottle and top made almost entirely from PCR

+++ Interseroh+ supports the ALDI Packaging Mission

+++ Optimised packaging for TANDIL washing machine cleaner on sale now

+++ Bottle and top made…

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Markus Müller-Drexel

Interzero Group mourns the loss of Markus Müller-Drexel

Well-known Managing Director of Interseroh+ dies at the age of 59

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New Recycling Alliance partner announced: share keen to promote the circular economy with Interseroh+

+++ Interseroh+, the dual system set up by Europe’s leading circular economy service provider Interzero, is helping social consumer goods brand share…

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Supporting the youth, protecting the environment: ALBA BERLIN and Interzero launch smartphone collection campaign

+++ Campaign starts on 3rd December 2023: Top basketball club ALBA BERLIN calls on its fans to donate no longer used mobile phones

+++ Environmental…

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Governing Mayor visits Interzero’s central sorting plant for packaging recycling in Berlin

+++ The zero-waste capital +++

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Europe’s leading circular economy service provider recognised for its dedication to achieving a world without waste: Interzero wins 2024 German Sustainability Award

+++ Expert jury calls Interzero a pioneer leading the way to a sustainable circular economy

+++ Comprehensive closed-loop solutions and innovative…

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Recycling instead of wasting resources: hard evidence for contributions to sustainable business

+++ Interzero and its customers reduce GHGs by around 1 million tonnes and primary resource use by 8.7 million tonnes

+++ Study from Fraunhofer…

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“Future Resources – Future Perspectives”: a vision for packaging recycling

+++ Register now for this prestigious conference hosted by Interseroh+ and the German Packaging Institute (dvi) at KölnSky in Cologne on 9 November…

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Sustainability right up front: Interzero is the new jersey sponsor of ALBA BERLIN

+++ Europe's leader for circular economy Interzero expands its brand presence through jersey sponsorship

+++ Prominent placement underlines the…

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Interzero acquires BRAMIN and expands portfolio

+++ Vertical balers as technical solution for more efficient waste management process

+++ All-in-one solution for customers includes installation,…

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A strong team for protecting the planet: Interzero and its customers push back Earth Overshoot by 7 minutes and 16 seconds

+++ Global Footprint Network calculates resource protection for Interzero

+++ Let’s #MoveTheDate campaign: unburdening the Earth with circular…

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Sustainable transformation: new management team for a truly circular economy

+++ Interzero Group completes integration process

+++ New five-person management team gets to work

+++ New structure meets customer demand for…

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Interzero and Resourcify digitize Europe’s leading waste management network

+++ Resourcify, the digital platform for waste management and recycling, forges a new partnership with recycling service provider Interzero.


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HDPE for bottle production made from 100% LVP for the first time - Interzero receives patent for previously impossible mechanical recycling process

+++ Interzero develops mechanical recycling process with a chemically controlled rheology modification to produce blow-moulded products from 100%…

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Interzero goes "ALL IN" with its customers: with passion for circular economy and climate protection

+++ Sustainability reporting 2021/2022: Europe’s leading circular solutions provider.

+++ Sustainability of services provided to clients clearly…

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About Interzero:

Interzero is one of the leading service providers in the field of closing product, material and logistics loops as well as innovation leader in plastics recycling with the largest sorting capacity in Europe. Under the guiding principle of “zero waste solutions”, the company supports over 50,000 customers throughout Europe in the responsible handling of recyclable materials, thus helping them to improve their own sustainability performance and conserve primary resources.

With about 2,000 employees, the company achieves a turnover of over one billion euros (2021). According to Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Interzero’s recycling activities could save one million tonnes of greenhouse gases compared to primary production and more than 8.7 million tonnes of primary raw materials in 2022 alone. As a pioneer in the circular economy, Interzero is winner of the German Sustainability Award as well as the related special award in the “Resources” transformation field for 2024.

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