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A closed loop for paper sacks

REPASACK stands for REcycling PAper SACK. We organise take-back and recycling both for manufacturers and fillers, as well as for consumers, i.e. the waste generation points for kraft paper sacks.

REPASACK for manufacturers, traders and fillers

Peace of mind for manufacturers, traders and fillers who regularly place paper sacks on the market: the take-back system from Interzero Repasack. Our REPASACK symbol documents the fact that the disposal, cleaning and recycling of the paper sacks is compliant with packaging legislation. This system offers participating manufacturers and fillers an efficient way to comply with legal obligations to conserve resources by take-back and recycling. After collection, the used paper sacks are sorted by product use and then processed in our in-house recycling plant. This generates a valuable secondary raw material that can be reused within the paper industry. Request your quote for the return of used kraft paper bags here.

REPASACK for end consumers

Cement, flour, plastic pellets, etc. – many industries need to dispose of used paper sacks. Interzero organises their take-back and recycling: end consumers can deliver their empty REPASACK paper sacks free of charge to one of our 350 depots and collection points located throughout Germany. For further details, please see the downloadable documents at the bottom of the page. 

See here why the paper sack is the most sustainable choice for your dry bulk goods (Source: GemPSI/video in German)

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Hazardous substance or pollutant? No problem!

For paper sacks used to transport products classified as pollutants, we offer the REPASACK-G-system (“G” for Gefahrstoff = hazardous substance). Here too, we offer free-of-charge take-back for paper sacks at sites throughout Germany. Our Interzero Repsack service starts at the point where paper sacks are emptied, i.e. at the customers of manufacturers and fillers. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Exemplary

    With over 30 years of experience, Interzero Repasack is the market leader in the take-back of used paper sacks.

  • High-quality

    Interzero Repasack is all about quality, offering rock-solid reliability for take-back and recycling.

  • Resource-saving

    Interzero Repasack stands for sustainability. Everyone who uses the system makes an active contribution to environmental protection and the conservation of resources.

Our expert for Kraft paper sacks/ REPASACK
Sven Korsten
Sven Korsten

Managing Director, Interzero Repasack GmbH

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Frequent questions of our customers

  • How can I participate in the REPASACK system as a manufacturer or distributor?

    There are two options here: 1. The most straightforward option is to sign a contract with Interzero Repsack GmbH itself and acquire a trademark usage licence for the REPASACK symbol directly. You can use this to authorise a paper sack manufacturer to print this symbol on your paper sacks. You then simply pay the licence fee for the paper sacks distributed in Germany directly to Interzero in equal instalments throughout the year. 2. As an alternative, you can purchase paper sacks with the REPASACK symbol from the paper sack manufacturer and pay the licence fee for the total volume bought to Interzero Repasack GmbH via the sack manufacturer.

  • Where are the collection points for free paper sack take-back and what are the criteria?

    A directory of the 350+ certified waste management firms in Germany with integrated collection points, plus take-back criteria, can be found in the Download area on this website.

  • How do REPASACK’s paper sack recycling facilities work?

    Interzero Repasack operates Europe’s only recycling facility for paper sacks in Oberhausen, Germany. At this plant, a dry mechanical process is used to shred and clean kraft paper sacks empty of usable product. This enables over 95 per cent of product residues to be filtered out of the paper fibres. These are collected in a filling plant by bulk product group before being disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, e.g. as fuel for power stations. A press is used to compact the shredded and cleaned paper fibres into bales for commercial resale. In this way, the loop is closed in the lifecycle and the paper fibres are used as a secondary raw material in the paper industry – in the manufacture of new kraft paper sacks, for example. This dry mechanical process is not used if sacks have been used to hold hazardous substances or goods that are strong colourants. These sacks are processed separately and used in energy recovery.

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