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Encory: Sustainable solutions for the remanufacture of car parts

Top-quality used parts

Launched in September 2016, encory GmbH is a joint venture between the BMW Group and Interzero. Its focus is on the sustainable remanufacture and recycling of automotive spares based on the circular economy model. Each of the two joint venture partners holds a 50 percent stake.

Encory’s capability portfolio covers three business models:

1 Remanufacturing Consulting

Objective: Larger remanufactured parts portfolio

Outcome: Product range for oder vehicles with attractive parts, contributing to sustainability and improved resource use

2 Logistics & Sorting

Objectice: Well-organised and adaptable returns process

Outcome: Higher core yield, new return types, optimised and transparent material flow and time-savings for dealers

3 Used Parts Business

Objective: Reliable supply of genuine used parts for BMW Group dealers

Outcome: BMW Group dealers gain enhanced customer loyalty for older vehicles

Remanufacturing Consulting

Used vehicle parts are industrially reprocessed and returned to the quality of a new part (remanufacturing). On a global scale, that saves 85 percent of the raw materials and 55 percent of the energy consumed.

Logistics and Sorting

A user-friendly resend portal implements a transparent, agile and controlled return process. In the course of this, the decision is made whether a used part is to be remanufactured, recycled, or removed and properly disposed of.

Used Parts Business

Encory provides BMW Group dealers with a reliable supply of genuine used parts and, with attractive pricing, grants them an additional way to enhance customer loyalty (reuse).


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