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Design for Recycling: recyclable products pay off

Businesses that pay attention to recyclability when designing their products will secure raw materials for the future. We support you in the design process with our recycling and waste management expertise.



Recycling already starts with product design. If products are designed and manufactured using recyclable materials, they can be recycled up to one hundred percent and used as raw material sources for new products made of recycled plastic, for example.

Recycling-friendly design enables loops to be closed, as it leads to homogeneous material flows and a reduced proportion of mixed fractions during waste management. It also improves dismantling, which drives down process costs. This is particularly beneficial because it allows loops to be closed with the company's own products at the end of the product life cycle.

As early as the development and design phase, we advise our customers on how to take products back and design them recyclable based on our recycling and processing expertise. In doing so, our focus is on:

  • sourcing recycled and recyclable materials
  • minimising the use of materials
  • recovery (collection and return of products)
  • product longevity

Raw materials management

Strong procurement and recycling network

Strong procurement and recycling network

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Process optimisation

Recovering reusable components and integrating them into production

Recovering reusable components and integrating them into production

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Take-back and logistics systems

Products to keep them in the loop

Products to keep them in the loop

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