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Collecting smartphones for a good cause

Sustainable and social: Collect old smartphones with us and help support your local community or other social causes.

Interzero refurbishes these phones for resale and you can then reinvest the proceeds in a worthwhile project. So what are you waiting for? Every phone counts – show your commitment to your community and the environment! The Collect4Nature collection box from Interzero offers plenty of good reasons to give old smartphones a new lease of life.

  • Ordering your collection box

    Go here to order your Collect4Nature smartphone collection box from our online portal.

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Millions of unused opportunities to do some good

Millions of old smartphones are currently gathering dust in desk drawers in Germany. And yet the reuse of these capable devices could conserve valuable resources such as noble metals while cutting carbon emissions. According to a study from Fraunhofer UMSICHT, these savings amount to no less than 14 kg of resources and 58 kg of greenhouse gas emissions per phone. Our Collect4Nature recovery system offers a number of unique features to get the best out of these phones to benefit both our system partners and the environment itself:

  • 31 integrated smartphone pockets to protect donated phones for transportation
  • Collection of undamaged devices that are no more than six years old
  • An individual ‘resources SAVED’ certificate confirming the primary resources and greenhouse gas emissions saved (can be cited in sustainability reports, for example)

Collecting smartphones for a good cause

Proceeds from the smartphones collected are shared pro rata with our system partners, allowing you to support a community or environmental project of your choice.

You can set up your own donation campaign, for example, and collect smartphones for a project you’d like to promote. Whether regional or international – or with a community or sustainable focus. Any organisation or charity can receive the proceeds of your collection box as a donation.

Secure data destruction

As an ISO/IEC 27001-certified IT service provider, we take data security very seriously. If a phone still has any data stored on it, this is deleted securely according to the very latest standards using Blancco, the market-leading data erasure solution (we have been a Blancco Gold Partner since 2019). In this way, we ensure that the collected smartphones can be reused without any data security issues.

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Frequent questions of our customers

  • Are there any rules to follow for collection?

    Yes – to ensure that the smartphones you collect can be refurbished for reuse, you should check to confirm that all of the phones donated comply in full with the following criteria:

    • Phones must be less than 6 years old and must boot up without any problems.
    • The phone screen must be at least 4.5 inches (115 mm) across, undamaged and display screen content normally when active.
    • SIM cards must be taken out, all personal data must be erased, and phone locks or other locks must be removed.
    • The battery must be installed in the phone, functional, undamaged and not swollen. Phone batteries must not be dropped into the box on their own.
  • How can I order my smartphone collection box?

    Ordering your smartphone collection box is easy – just visit our online order portal. Follow our user-friendly registration process if you have not yet registered as a collection point. All you need to do is select the Collect4Nature Box during registration. You do not need to re-register if you are already registered as a collection point for printer cartridges with the Collect4Nature Box. The smartphone collection box is shown on-screen once you have completed your registration. We ship out your box using GLS within 5-7 working days of receiving your order.

  • How should I present the box to my donors?

    Please ensure that you place the smartphone box on the secondary packaging you’ll be using to return it. This makes it easier for donors to drop in their phones.

    The box contents are valuable, so it should be placed in an easily accessible but secure and supervised location. As an extra anti-theft precaution, you can also attach the box to a solid object using the security tab on the box and the cable ties as provided.

  • What are the box dimensions?

    Including its secondary packaging, the collection box measures 31.3 x 71 x 31.3 cm (B x H x T) and can hold 31 phones.

  • How can I promote my smartphone donation campaign?

    For your campaign to be successful – and maximise the proceeds for your project – you need to make sure that as many people as possible know about it. You can publish details of your campaign on your website, for example, share the campaign to your social media or even issue a press release. We are happy to help by supplying you with text or image content, and we can also publish your project on our channels. For further details, please contact us at

  • How does return shipping work?

    Once you have a smartphone in all 31 pockets, your box is ready to be shipped back to us. To prepare the box, simply fold down the ‘headboard’, fit the secondary packaging over the box, close it and tape it shut.

    You can then arrange a pickup for your filled collection box on the orderportal. Please allow 1-4 working days for return shipping. The DHL driver will provide you with a shipping note.

  • How do I get my reporting data and my environmental certificate?

    Once your phone box has arrived at our facility, we inventory the devices and securely erase their data. When this is complete, you can view the reporting data with the sale value of your box from your order portal account.

    We will send your environmental certificate, with the individual resource and greenhouse gas savings for your sustainability report, to the email address you used for registration.

  • What happens to the phones once they are refurbished?

    As a seasoned environmental services provider, Interseroh has gained a wealth of experience in printer cartridge collection and IT refurbishment. In accordance with circular economy good practice, a detailed inventory is taken of the devices and all of their data is erased before they are then professionally cleaned and reconditioned for remarketing. We also use this specialised know-how for our smartphone collection and refurbishment system.

    From logistics to remarketing, we handle all of the steps that are needed to close the loop. Once refurbished, some of the smartphones will be headed for resale in our online shop for used electronics, BRANDUSED.

  • What happens to phones that are not suitable for reuse and resale?

    Faulty devices are professionally stripped down during the recycling process. The raw materials obtained are then reused in the manufacture of new products. Non-recyclable parts are sent for incineration, where they also help with energy production.

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