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IT equipment purchase, reconditioning and remarketing

Reuse of used IT and communications hardware with Interzero

Interzero buys used IT and communications hardware and organises the full reuse process. Whatever your equipment – PCs, tablets, screens, servers, network devices or smartphones – Interzero provides a package of fast, customer-oriented and sustainable services to ensure it is reused or recycled.

Secure, attractive and reliable

Interzero updates prices on a daily basis and offers a fair deal for your hardware. Your IT equipment is then picked up in line with your requirements. We ensure that your data stays secure while the hardware is in transit. All data is then deleted in accordance with strict quality and security standards. In the final step, devices are reconditioned and remarketed through a variety of different channels. Customers can have the quantity of resources conserved by reuse certified (in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute). This can take place on a project-by-project or annual basis. A central point of contact is available to you for the entire process.


Intererzo organises the pick-up of IT equipment in accordance with your requirements. Your data stays secure while the hardware is in transit:

  • Hardware is packaged on site, with suitable freight containers provided
  • Dismantling, on-site data destruction and special transportation with a range of security levels
  • Europe-wide pick-up
  • Data deletion
  • All data on all storage media (including smartphones) is deleted in accordance with strict quality and security standards
  • Storage media are physically destroyed if required, and all devices are anonymised as you specify
  • Data deletion or destruction is documented, logged and performed in accordance with the recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)


Devices reconditioned by Interzero are given a new lease of life. As the customer, you decide how. Various options are available:

  • Charity: The devices are donated to a good cause. We will be pleased to help with organisation.
  • Consumer-friendly: Consumers can buy reconditioned equipment at bargain prices on Interzero’s ‘’ online platform.
  • Employee-oriented: Using a special shop solution, customers’ employees can purchase reconditioned hardware at company prices.

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