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Securing raw materials for German industry

Future-proof recycling requires clear political framework conditions

The efficient use of recycled raw materials is a decisive competitive factor – especially in a country like Germany, which has limited natural resources. In many areas, the economy is already benefiting from recyclable loops. The recycling of plastic packaging is also making significant progress. With innovative concepts and cutting-edge technologies for the sorting and reconditioning of plastics, Interzero contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of recycled raw materials and the efficient closing of material loops.

Clear the way for recycled raw materials!

Creating a stable market and bringing recycled raw materials into widespread use requires clear political framework conditions, however. It makes sense to have a defined minimum recycled content for packaging and products, for example. In this area, the state sector should lead the way, and establish “green procurement” as a standard. For the circular economy to succeed in Germany, we require clear, decisive legislation, consistent enforcement and fair competitive conditions for sustainable recycled raw materials.

Interzero positions

German Packaging Act (Dec 2020)
Expansion of the mandatory deposit (Jan 2020)
CO2 pricing (Sep 2020)
Single-use Plastics Fund Act (Apr 2022)

Recycling and sorting

High-tech for high-quality recycled plastics

High-tech for high-quality recycled plastics

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Public Affairs: Berlin

Working together for a city without waste

Working together for a city without waste

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The industry magazine for recycling and raw materials

The industry magazine for recycling and raw materials

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