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Specialising on innovations – Interzero plant technology

Whether it is lightweight packaging, polystyrene or kraft paper recycling: our plants fulfil the highest requirements surrounding the sorting and processing of recyclable materials.

Interzero closes loops – and uses cutting edge technology to do so. Among others, we have five facilities for sorting lightweight packaging and we sort approximately one third of the lightweight packaging in Germany: about 810,000 tonnes per year. This means Interzero currently has the largest recycling capacity in Germany.

At our facilities, used packaging and industrial waste becomes high-quality, needs-based recycled raw materials for the world of industry. To optimise the efficiency and quality of the recycling, we invest in innovative processes and further develop our plant technology on a continuous basis. We also bundle our activities in the area of research and development in our internationally-accredited centre of competence for plastics recycling.

See for yourself how it works: in the following, we present you with the key technologies and aggregates.


Lightweight packaging recycling

Berlin, Braunschweig, Leipzig, Marl, Walldürn

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Kraft paper recycling

Sustainable closed-loop circulation with REPASACK

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Multi-way pooling depot

Waste prevention in practice

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Mobile counting centres

Innovative solution for disposables carriers

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