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Plastic recyclates? A firm foundation

These are the hidden champions of sustainability: the early-adopter companies who have long since used recycled raw materials for many of their products. Quietly, successfully and with conviction. Like Akzenta Paneele + Profile GmbH, for example.

From the Eifel to the world: Floor coverings based on CERAMIN® can be found anywhere where such materials need to be hard-wearing, sustainable and promote healthy living — from nursery schools in Germany all the way to shopping malls in the USA. A member of the CLASSEN Group, Akzenta manufactures the material at its plant in Kaisersesch. Importantly, CERAMIN® is a low-emission, fully recyclable product that contains no PVC or plasticisers. Recycled material also makes up more than two thirds of its polymer input.

Closing loops — protecting the climate: The regranulate used, recythen, is manufactured by Interzero from post-consumer plastic packaging in an award-winning process. Researchers at the Fraunhofer UMSICHT institute have calculated that the use of one tonne of recythen instead of primary plastics saves 1.1 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and 22,254 kWh of primary energy.


"We want to work with our customers to close plastics loops in an efficient and sustainable manner. A key factor for success here is the individual advice we give our customers about recyclates."

Marcus Holland Sales Manager Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH

Interview with Guido Stallknecht, Managing Director of Akzenta Paneele + Profile GmbH.

How important are sustainable products to your company?

The family-owned businesses in the CLASSEN Group don’t see sustainability and the conservation of resources as trends to follow but as the foundation of our business. Even at the development stage for our CERAMIN® product, we were looking at topics like recyclability and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

What kinds of quality standards do you set for these recyclates?

Above all, quality levels have to be the same as those defined in our technical requirements profile. Our experience with the recythen used has been nothing but positive, with zero non-conformities discovered to date in any shipment. Apart from fulfilling our strict quality standards, the postconsumer PP is also very easy to process with our plant systems.

Why did you decide to join forces with Interzero?

Interzero is a reliable partner with continuous access to high-quality raw materials thanks to its own recycling operations. This makes it easy to set up a closed-loop system, which is an allimportant factor for our value chain and production. This sustainable source of materials not only keeps our production processes environmentally friendly but also secures us reliable access to high-quality raw materials over the long term.


Our expert for Plastic recyclates
Marcus Holland
Marcus Holland

Sales Manager, Interzero Plastics Recycling GmbH

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