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REPASACK: Efficient takeback scheme for kraft paper sacks

REPASACK is short for ‘recycled paper sack’. Interzero operates in Oberhausen, Germany, Europe's only cleaning plant for kraft paper sacks and recycles them into high-quality secondary material.

Cleaned, shredded and compressed

In the recycling plant, empty kraft paper sacks are shredded and cleaned in a dry mechanical treatment process. This filters out over 95 percent of product residues from the paper fibre. The residues are combined into product groups at a filler station and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, for example as fuel for energy generation in power stations. Sacks previously filled with hazardous goods or materials that stain heavily are not put through the treatment process. Instead, they are handled separately and go for thermal recovery. The shredded and cleaned paper fibre is compressed into marketable bales. This closes the recycling loop, with the fibre used as secondary material in the paper industry – among other things to make new kraft paper sacks.


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