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Collect and donate printer cartridges and profit

Too precious to throw away: Interzero offers dedicated services for empty but reusable printer cartridges - from collecting and purchasing to sorting and selling.

We offer a range of collection systems for empty printer ink and toner cartridges. Whichever system you decide to use, you always benefit from the following advantages:

  • Convenient

    We provide collection boxes and handle pick-up and recycling for empty cartridges. The entire service is free of charge.

  • Lucrative

    The various collection systems offer cash payments or bonus points for reusable empty cartridges.

  • Sustainable

    We ensure the environmentally friendly disposal of cartridges that cannot be reused.

 Sammeldrache - supporting school education and protecting the environment

As a school or kindergarten, do you want to collect your empty printer cartridges? Or as a company support an educational institution? Then participate in the project "Der Sammeldrache" and order the free Green Environment Box.

Participating in schools and kindergartens not only contribute to environmental and climate protection but are also rewarded with valuable premiums - for example, learning materials and sports equipment. 

The following two links will redirect you to the Collecting Kite page.

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The Caritas Box - For social projects

Together with the German Caritas Association, we have been running a successful collection system for years. Whoever uses the Caritas Box helps Caritas to politically stand up for the weak and to support important social projects.

Every institution or company can participate and request collection boxes. Together we can reduce the burden on the environment and collect money for projects that support people in need.

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Collect 4 Nature Box - Fair, simple, fast

Does your company have large quantities of empty cartridges from printers, fax machines or franking machines? Or empty cartridges? Then the Collect 4 Nature Box is the ideal solution. For each marketable cartridge, you receive an attractive remuneration.

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Red Nose Box - Empty cartridges for a smile in the hospital

With this box, every original printer cartridge that can be recycled means a donation for ROTE NASEN Austria or Germany e.V. (Red Noses Austria or Germany).

ROTE NASEN are partners of RED NOSES - Clowndoctors International, an organization that brings laughter and joy of life to sick and suffering people. The goal of RED NOSES is to give confidence to sick people and to alleviate loneliness. Through the art of improvisation, the ROTE NASEN clowns bring humour and laughter in a sensitive way to hospitals, care facilities and refugees. Take part and collect money for the benefit of ROTE NASEN Germany e.V. or ROTE NASEN Austria e.V. and bring a smile to the faces of sick people.

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Successful cooperation 


,,We are pleased to be able to support the work of ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V. in such a simple way. We have plenty of empty printer cartridges, and via the ROTE NASEN collection box, we can not only feed them into the recycling loop but also do some good work with them at the same time. We think that's great!"


Kevin Sternkopf, CEO Fullhouse IT-Services AG

to  Fullhouse IT Webseite

„Interseroh's Recycling4smile collection program is a great way to save resources with our empty printer cartridges and to support the ROTE NASEN Deutschland e.V. This is a great program to combine sustainable and social commitment on site."


Tim Stapf, Site Manager Amazon Distribution Center Berlin-Marienfelde

Recycled toner cartridges - Fair and sustainably produced

Interzero has been selling sustainable toners under the name "ReUseMe-Toner" in an online store since 2019. Motivated and professionally trained employees are the basis for the high-quality standard of our products. To ensure consistent quality, all toners also go through an elaborate quality assurance process. All process steps of production from collection to remanufacturing take place only in Germany, so we can guarantee fair and sustainable production!

  • Environmentally friendly toner cartridges
  • Made in Germany
  • Up to 50% cheaper than original cartridges
  • Same range as original cartridges
  • Delivery time 1-2 working days

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Our contribution to climate and resource protection 

Interzero has once again made a valuable contribution to climate and resource protection. This is shown by a current study of the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT.

Interzero has already been providing various collection systems for empty printer cartridges and toner cartridges for many years.

In 2017 alone, Interzero saved 6300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and 13,100 tons of primary resources through the professional reprocessing and reuse of 1.4 million used toner cartridges run.

A remanufactured toner cartridge uses 47% fewer resources, produces 60% fewer greenhouse gases and reuses 50% of the materials.


For all of the above options, you will receive a cash reward or bonus points for a full box of the specified cartridges. Fundraising couldn’t be easier!

Buy-back and sales – quality is our watchword

We also buy and sell empty printer cartridges internationally. If you are a company looking to sell large volumes of cartridges, we will pay you a good price for each and every reusable cartridge. 

Refillers and manufacturers can also purchase empty printer cartridges from us: we offer top quality at a fair price. 

Customer Box

Do you have another good cause in mind that could be supported by collecting printer cartridges? We will work with you to create your very own box – just email us.

Our expert for The reuse of printer cartridges
Jenniker Hoecker
Jenniker Hoecker

Sales Manager Cartridge Operations


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Frequent questions of our customers

  • How can I participate in the collection campaign?

    Simply register by email, fax or online. It costs nothing to take part and there are no obligations. Your chosen number of collection boxes will be shipped to you within one week. Use this link to contact us.

  • What are ink cartridges and drum units?

    Ink cartridges and drum units are the consumables used by printers, faxes or franking machines that are used to apply the ink or toner powder the machines use to paper or other media. Laser drum units contain a photoconductor drum (like a glass roller) under a flap. Ink jet cartridges are equipped with an electronic chip (rather like a SIM card). These shouldn’t be confused with ink tanks or toner cartridges (also known as refill cartridges or waste toner boxes).

  • What are ink tanks and toner cartridges?

    Ink tanks are not equipped with an electronic chip (no PCB or print head). Toner cartridges are bottle-/pipe-like containers that are typically found only in (heavy-duty) copiers and do not contain any electronic parts. Ink tanks and toner cartridges are not collected and should be disposed of in household waste.

  • What goes in the collection box?

    Ink cartridges and drum units from printers, faxes or franking machines can be dropped in the collection box. If possible, wrap cartridges and drum units in their original protective film beforehand.

  • What should NOT be put in the box?

    • Ink tanks (without PCB/print head)
    • Toner-only cartridges (bottle-/pipe-like containers)
    • Printer ribbons
    • Office supplies
    • Electrical/electronic waste
    • Plastic parts
    • Cardboard packaging
    • Batteries (rechargeable/non-rechargeable)
    • Food scraps
    • … nor any other rubbish!
  • Can drum units be put into the box along with their packaging?

    No, please drop drum units in the box without any packaging. Note: Pack the drum units in the original protective film to avoid soiling the box with toner. The enclosed foil sack is another way to avoid getting the box dirty.

  • Can batteries also be dropped in the Green Eco Box?

    No. The box must not be used for collecting batteries. Other collection systems are available (e.g. the GRS take-back system for batteries).

  • What happens to cartridges/drums that cannot be reused?

    Cartridges/drums that cannot be reused are either recycled or used in energy recovery, although recycling is the preferred approach. Recycled items are taken apart and their raw materials are stripped out for use in manufacturing new products, while rejected cartridges/drums marked for energy recovery are used as fuel in power generation plants.

  • What’s a good place for a collection box?

    To avoid collection of the wrong items or theft, the box should preferably be placed in the secretary’s or caretaker’s office. Always make sure that the box is placed in a dry, well-protected and easily accessible location. Please ensure that the collection box doesn’t block any fire exits.

    Boxes can also be set up at a sponsor company – we’ll need you to provide us with details of the address and a company contact. The sponsor company is free to register using our Contact page.

  • How can box pick-up or delivery be organised?

    You can request free delivery of your boxes by fax, phone or online. The new box will be shipped to you within a week by the GLS parcels service. When the box is full, you just hand it to the next GLS driver to call (e.g. on delivery of a new box). Use this link to contact us.

  • Can phones be dropped in the box?

    Yes: our boxes are also used to collect used, fully functional smartphones for which you will also be paid.

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