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Good arguments for a world without waste

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How can the economy position itself for the future and remain competitive – and achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement at the same time? A certainty: one of the key tools for making this possible is the circular economy. There is huge potential in the transition from a linear economy to a genuine “circular economy” with efficiently functioning value added cycles – for companies, the environment and society.

In discussion with the world of politics and associations

As an international environmental services provider, we take responsibility. We contribute our expertise and our positions in our discussions with the world of politics and associations in order to actively shape the change towards greater sustainability. At various levels, we advocate the switch from primary raw materials to recycled raw materials, for example. This saves valuable resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We want to stop waste from being sent for incineration, as this means that raw materials are irretrievably lost.

We have created a record of our opinions and arguments on the most important issues at the EU level, in Germany and in the capital Berlin. You can read about what Interzero stands for here. Our commitment is always aimed at a world without waste, in which recycling is not an end in itself, but a necessary condition for an effective climate and resource protection.

December 2023
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Our corporate values provide a basis for how we want to work together now and in the future. Our Code of Conduct also serves as a set of binding guidelines for our conduct in the workplace. It is designed to help us constantly review our own behaviour, act responsibly in every situation, and meet increasingly complex legal requirements.

Green Deal / EU The European Green Deal shows the way

The European Green Deal shows the way

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Germany Securing raw materials for German industry

Securing raw materials for German industry

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Berlin Working together for a city without waste

Working together for a city without waste

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