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The European Green Deal shows the way

No climate protection without recycling – we need a European circular economy.

The European Green Deal provides us with a clear boost to our strategic alignment: with our business model and our commitment, we want to contribute to a world without waste. Interzero ensures that recyclable materials can be used several times and managed in a closed loop – this not only reduces dependence on imports of raw materials, but also climate-damaging emissions at the same time.

Design for Recycling and encouraging the use of recyclates

The goal of the EU Commission to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent is correct. This can only be achieved with a strong European circular economy. We expressly welcome the Green Deal, the European Plastics Strategy and the package of measures from the EU Commission on the circular economy. At the same time, we are committed to ensuring that products in the European single market are designed in a sustainable and ecologically beneficial way. In this respect, design for Recycling and/or the recyclability of products and packaging, as well as a defined minimum recycled content, are among the key requirements. After all, closed-loop circulation begins with the product. For a market for high-quality recycled raw materials to emerge, it must be possible for recycled raw materials – like other economic goods – to be traded freely. Recycled raw materials are not waste.

Interzero positions

EU Waste Shipment Regulation (Jan 2022)
[Translate to English - Englisch:] EEG-Beihilfen (Aug 2021)
EEG aid (Aug 2021)

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The industry magazine for recycling and raw materials

The industry magazine for recycling and raw materials

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