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Waste seperating works – when everyone joins in

Motivating consumers to separate waste correctly at home: Interzero supports the Germany-wide campaign of the dual systems.

Recycling packaging protects the climate and saves resources. However, it can only succeed if consumers play their part and dispose of waste packaging in the correct way. To raise the profile of the topic among citizens and to dispel preconceptions, the dual systems have launched the Germany-wide “Mülltrennung wirkt” (Separating Waste Works) campaign. It is a joint campaign in which Interzero Recycling Alliance, the dual system of Interzero, is happy to participate. After all, we are all required to play a part in ensuring our recycling system works – every contribution counts!

Separating waste works – on every channel

The dual systems provide detailed information material at the campaign site www.mü Consumers can also find out what they can do to support environmentally-friendly recycling on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram as well as through TV and radio adverts. In this context, it isn’t just important for used packaging to be thrown away in the correct container. The individual strands also have to be separated from each other. One of many specific tips on waste separation: make sure you remove the lid from the yoghurt pot and dispose of it separately in the yellow bag or yellow bin – only in this way can they be sorted and recycled without any problems.

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