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CIRCLE by and for people at Interzero

One company, one vision: every day we get one step closer to a world without waste. CIRCLE closes the circle, brings together the ideas and areas and thus all colleagues. Together we are Interzero.

The more precisely we know what the employees in the pillars of our company are concerned about, what they are working on and what they are looking for, the better we can find solutions together. The employee magazine CIRCLE is one of the places where we come together. Modern, interactive, informative and entertaining. This is how we want to communicate with each other and work together to protect the climate and resources.

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Creating a future worth living for tomorrow’s generations not only requires us to take smart and decisive action today but also needs dedication and passion. Every day, the Interzero team puts hearts and hands to work for our vision. With our zero waste solutions, we contribute to creating a world without waste (April 2024).

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The world around us is changing rapidly – and we are evolving with it. Together, we explore new horizons and grow into the future, both as a team and as a company. In this edition, discover how we equip ourselves for upcoming challenges through innovative projects. Gain a profound insight into the diversity of topics that our colleagues at Interzero engage with daily, working towards our vision of a waste-free world (December 2023).

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Sustainability is the focus of our corporate strategy. In the current issue of our employee magazine CIRCLE, we highlight what this means with the motto "One World. Zero Waste. How Interzero practices sustainability". Read about the projects we are running for a consistent circular economy and learn more about how the Interzero team is committed to a world without waste (August 2023).

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What has Interzero achieved in the first six months of its existence? You can read about the new ideas, services and successes with which the Interzero team is working for a world without waste in the current issue of our employee magazine CIRCLE. (December 2022).

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Read how we are now aligning Interzero and supporting our clients to achieve their sustainability goals in our new employee magazine CIRCLE (June 2022).

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