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Interzero talks the future: dialogue on sustainability

Innovation requires discussion – and the future requires innovation. Interzero brings the key stakeholders together.

The circular economy only works when everyone is on board. After all, to close loops effectively, it is necessary to find sector spanning solutions and to exchange and to reapply knowledge. This can only be achieved as part of a constant discussion in which the participants remain critical, listen to each other, and ideally develop new ideas together. Interzero brings the key stakeholders to the table. As different as they may be, they are inspired by a shared goal. A world without waste. 

Britta von Selchow and leading sustainability expert Sabine Braun (Accenture) in discussion

Helping the planet is best done as part of a team. In this interview, Britta von Selchow (Interzero) and leading sustainability expert Sabine Braun (Accenture) talk about why companies should be getting up to speed in collaborating on the closed-loop economy.

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2022: Daniel Polte and Dr. Meike Gebhard in discussion

Returnable, disposable – which path leads to the goal of a world without waste? Daniel Polte, Manager Public Relations at BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH and Dr. Meike Gebhard, Managing Director of Utopia, discuss the conditions, challenges and opportunities presented by returnable systems. Watch now:

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