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Close recycling loops – save money

Integrated management of material flows – your competitive edge

With raw materials growing increasingly scarce and materials more expensive, operational material flow management is becoming ever more important for companies. Specialists from the ALBA Group are developing comprehensive waste management concepts for the retail, industrial and service sectors, with a view to reducing material throughput in production, minimising environmental impact and returning used raw materials to the business cycle.

Production waste, organic waste, hazardous substances, worn-out transport packaging - many types of waste are full of potential in terms of resources and cost savings. Whether you're a major corporation or a small or medium-sized company, it pays to take a close look at how much waste you generate and trim it to the absolute minimum. Specialist experts from Interzero can help you by carrying out a detailed analysis of your material flows and ensuring the consistent separation of different types of waste. This makes sorting quicker and simpler, increases the yield of type-specific, unmixed waste fractions, and makes it easier to recycle the raw materials contained in the waste.

Through its collaboration with around 800 certified recycling companies, Interzero is able to extend its services beyond production plants and company premises to entire networks of branches and workshops in retail and industry. Instead of marketed, secondary raw materials are ploughed back into companies' own production processes. For example, automotive groups currently sell scrap metal from their own production, then simultaneously have to purchase fresh metal. In these instances, Interzero assumes responsibility for both the processing of the material and the logistics, ensuring that the raw material remains in the customer's possession. The result is a closed material recycling loop that is constantly starting over again.


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