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Reduce the volume of your waste

Save space in your warehouse and reduce the volume of cardboard, paper, film and foil by up to 90%. And best of all: we pick up your waste bales and pay you for the privilege of doing so!

We can offer you systems and machinery for sorting and compressing waste and recyclable materials. Our product range starts with small, space-saving baling presses with 3 tonnes of press force and runs to large, fully automated channel balers rated at up to 50 tonnes of press force. This allows us to meet the needs of modern, profitable recyclables management for customers in both manufacturing and retail. We also operate an extensive distribution and service network throughout Germany.


Save space and cut costs

Compress your waste at the same place that it’s created. This saves you valuable storage space plus the time spent moving it about. Once pressed, the bales can be handled easily with a pallet truck or forklift, and their shape makes them easy to stack. The baling press itself is also easy to transport.

Presses for any use case

Our range of presses is sure to have a model that matches your use case, letting you compact your cardboard, paperboard, films/foils, EPS, plastic, Big-Bags or drums to fit in a smaller volume. To meet your requirements, our baling presses differ in terms of their chamber opening size, throughput rate, size and weight of the bale produced, and naturally the press force applied by the press itself. Our nationwide fields sales team can provide you with testimonials – also from customers in your region.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Space-saving

    Reduce the volume of your waste by up to 90%

  • Lucrative

    We pay you to take your waste bales away

  • Cost-saving

    Save on expenses for warehousing

  • Versatile

    Suitable for cardboard, films/foils and drums

  • Suitable

    The right baler size for your use case

  • Tried and tested

    Find out about existing customers near you

Our experts for balers
Ines Völker
Ines Völker

Managing director BRAMIN GmbH

Susanne Topf
Susanne Topf

Managing director BRAMIN GmbH

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