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Research and development at own Competence Centre

At our own Competence Centre for recycled plastics in Maribor, Slovenia, we pool our research and development activities in the field of plastics recycling.

Our experts at the state-of-the-art facility develop customer-specific formulations. Combining multidisciplinary expertise with the development of new, sustainable products, we support our customers throughout Europe on the way to efficient recycling.

Competence center for recycled plastics

Plastics to customer specifications

The material properties of plastics vary enormously according to their composition. That is what makes them so practical and versatile with an endless range of applications from packaging and automotive components to textiles and household objects. So if you can control the material properties, you can decide what you can make out of recycled plastic. This not only adds to the range of applications, it also boosts recycling across the economy.

Interzero’s Competence Centre is located in Maribor, Slovenia. The Competence Centre brings together research and development activities for recycled plastic within the ALBA Group. Experts at the facility carry out research into the efficient use of resources and develop formulations to give recycled resin the properties that customers in industry require – such as impact resistance, flexibility and tolerance of specific temperatures or of high tensile forces.

The lab can meet all customer specifications for the production of advanced recycled plastics. This makes for greater flexibility and freedom in creating products, significantly reducing customers’ development times.

Most of all, the Competence Centre generates a constant stream of new applications for waste plastic from the Dual System collection schemes. As the product of years of research and development, Interzero has created a groundbreaking upcycling process called Recycled Resource. Plastic waste is first divided into fractions in a high-tech sorting facility and then recompounded by a combination of extrusion, restabilisation, restoration of the molecular structure and chemical modification with additives to give it the precise properties specified by the customer. The outcome is a range of high-quality custom-tailored plastic resins. One of these, Recythen, is especially well suited for the manufacture of industrial items, films and tubes. Another resin produced using Recycled Resource, the multiple award-winning Procyclen, has the same impact-resistance, stiffness and heat tolerance as petroleum-based resin. It can also now be blow-moulded into products such as detergent bottles. Alongside its unique combination of material properties, the recycled plastic is superior to any new material in terms of resource, energy and climate performance. Among other things, using Procyclen cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 30 to 50 percent.

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Dr. Manica Ulcnik-Krump

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