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Your partner for sustainable recycling models

The concept of the circular economy leads to sustainable growth amid the increasing pressure of production and consumption of resources.

Our mission is to design loops along your entire value chain together with you. We offer expert guidance for a circular management to give clarity about possible sustainable process flows. We put our "Zero Waste" concept into practice by returning and reusing used products and components, applying our expertise in innovative waste treatment methods and leveraging our strong reverse logistics network. We are able to cost-effectively recycle any material flow along the entire value chain and ensure a sustainable collection, separation and recycling.



The enormous increase in global resource consumption is the main cause of global climate change, while at the same time competition for scarce raw materials is increasing. Given these challenges, only a successful, established circular economy will be able to make an effective contribution to creating an economy that is both sustainable and competitive. We firmly believe in these concepts. Our goal is to transform the production systems of our customers into closed loops in order to minimise waste, emissions, and material and energy losses. Our services at a glance:




Raw materials management Strong procurement and recycling network

Strong procurement and recycling network

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Process optimisation Recovering reusable components and integrating them into production

Recovering reusable components and integrating them into production

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Product design Design process with recycling and waste management expertise

Design process with recycling and waste management expertise

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Closing loops one material flow at a time with the control tower

Efficient, modern material flow management consolidates material flows in a way that makes sense economically and directs them to where raw materials are needed. Our main objective is to recover used products, resources and materials in order to reprocess them and feed them into a another life cycle or make them available for reuse as secondary raw materials. Using this approach, we create sustainable closed loops for you and boost your resource and material efficiency. As one of the world's leading providers for environmental services and recycling, Interzero can draw on an extensive procurement and recycling network, which we make available to our customers.

The Control Tower is comparable to a 4PL model from logistics transferred to material flows. This approach combines resources, capacity and technologies of your organisation with those of additional service providers to offer a complete circular economy solution.

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