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Reprocessing: New from old

Many discarded devices and components can still be used. We make sure they are.

Many used things are too good to throw away, as we all know from second-hand markets. The same goes for technical goods and parts, which can sometimes be reused or made serviceable with minor repairs. In this way, we can close the loop and give many everyday objects a new lease of life.

Numerous of our companies perform reprocessing of this kind. A classic example is discarded IT equipment. In many cases, devices are not even defective. They are simply too outdated for professional users. Others just need a new battery or a readily available circuit board to get them working again. We check which computers and phones are still serviceable and repair them. Empty printer cartridges are given a refill. And at our subsidiary Encory, which we launched as a joint venture with the BMW Group, we remanufacture automotive spare parts.

There is a market for many used items. They still fulfil their purpose, and for a lower price. That’s easier on the user’s wallet – and most of all on the environment.


Material recycling loops

Integrated management of material flows

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IT equipment

Reuse of used IT and communications hardware with Interzero

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Printer cartridges

Eco-friendly management

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Car parts (encory)

Top-quality used parts

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"Efficiently closing material loops is vital to achieving greater cost efficiency and sustainability. That's why we provide the right environmental and recycling solutions for our customers."

Sebastiaan Krol CEO, Interzero Circular Solutions



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