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Materialkonto - the circular solution for the future

Our innovative tool lets you create a digital twin of your raw material management system: manage your raw materials in the loop – and get direct access to recycled material!

Your benefits at a glance

  • Effective loops

    As a full-service partner, we handle both the design and management of your raw material loops. With a material account, you get your valuable recycled raw materials back again.

  • Strategic access

    Demand is growing for recycled raw materials. Manage your raw materials in their individual loop and avoid bottlenecks in your production.

  • Transparency and scalability

    Manage even large and complex closed-loop systems as an easy, automatic process. View which quantities you have where at any time.

  • Pricing autonomy

    For the quantities managed in the material account, you can operate independently of market price trends and avoid potential price rises.

Going circular couldn’t be easier

Our features:

  • Intuitive management of logistics and recycling
  • Waste posted to material account as a raw material credit
  • Transparent tracking of recycling status, plus quantities and locations of your raw materials in the loop
  • Debit posting of recycled raw materials from the Materialkonto
  • Delivery of recycled raw materials to required site or marketing of unneeded quantities
  • Your decision: Software as a service or fully integrated service

Closed-loop management as a competitive edge

Benefits of closed-loop management with material accounts

Sustainability as a competitive differentiator:

Closed-loop systems are the key to sustainable growth. Customers and investors are increasingly drawn to companies who take their responsibility for the environment seriously.

Resource efficiency and cost savings:

Materialkonto mean that resources are reused rather than wasted. An intelligent loop is used to minimise the need for new materials – letting you cut your long-term costs. 

Fit for the future with innovation:

Your company takes on a pioneering role as it actively helps to shape the future. This opens up new business opportunities and partnerships while improving your corporate image over the long term. 

Reduce risks, boost independence:

Closed-loop management promotes your independence from external market forces and increases your control over your own resources.

Ensuring legal compliance:

Transitioning to a closed-loop model not only makes sure that your company meets current sustainability standards but also prepares you for compliance with future regulatory frameworks.

Our expert for Materialkonto
Britta von Selchow
Britta von Selchow

Head of Sales Circular Solutions

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