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Brochures, information material and certificates

Dual System Interzero Recycling Alliance

Interzero take-back system of transport packaging

Interseroh - Environmental Compliance Service



Interzero Repasack cooperation partners abroad with license rights

Interzero Repasackcooperation partners with license rights

Interzero Repasackbrochure


Interzero Repasack​​​​​​take back- and collection points

Brochure: We manage plastics in a closed loop

Brochure: Made for Recycling

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability Magazine 2023

Sustainability Magazine 2022

Sustainability Magazine 2021

Sustainability Magazine 2020

Sustainability Magazine 2019

Sustainability Magazine 2018

Sustainability Magazine 2017 

Sustainability Magazine 2016

Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2018

Sustainability Report 2016

Study „resources SAVED by recycling“


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