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Our clearing solutions: simple and efficient

With clearing solutions from Interzero, manufacturers and traders can successfully manage their surpluses and deficits for compulsory-deposit packaging and coupons.

Compulsory deposits on single-use beverage containers and couponing generate surpluses and deficits between the distributors and stores handling the take-back of packaging. A clearing process is used to identify and ensure the settlement of these various claims. 

Interzero develops customer-specific clearing solutions both for deposit systems and for discount codes and the distribution of deposit amounts. Our customers benefit from Interzero’s full-service approach to clearing – which includes the claiming of reimbursements back from the distributors in question. Our service spares you the paperwork and effort involved in collecting receipts, sending reminders and performing database lookups against master data.

We have demonstrated our clearing expertise on a daily basis for over 10 years – especially in managing single-use deposit clearing for major customers with large data volumes.

Single-use deposit settlement with Interzero

Our single-use deposit solution for retailers clears single-use deposit monies precisely and reliably, and handles the settlement of claims between all market participants. 

Deposit duty account service for initial distributors

The term “initial distributor” covers all beverage manufacturers, fillers or sales companies that are the first to distribute a product to retailers. For these companies, Interzero acts as an intermediary, handling the auditing and bundling of single-use deposit reimbursement claims from retail.

Reimbursement claim service for take-back firms

Interzero submits reimbursement claims for all single-use deposit take-back firms on the basis of raw data records from counting centres or reverse vending machines, to ensure a trouble-free deposit reimbursement process. 

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Frequent questions of our customers

  • What is “clearing”?

    Clearing involves the calculation and settlement of mutual liabilities and receivables, as may occur as a result of deposits on single-use beverage packaging (e.g. bottles). 

  • What kinds of clearing services are offered by Interzero?

    As an all-round service provider, Interzero can handle any work involved in the settlement of liabilities or receivables, including tasks involved with single-use beverage packaging. We handle the accurate settlement of your accounts and offer you an all-round service that includes invoicing and debt collection

  • When and why would I need to use clearing services?

    Once a valuable product such as a single-use beverage packaging with deposit duty is redeemed or taken back at one of many possible locations, a complex system arises involving the unequal distribution of funds, which makes direct allocation impossible. Interzero offers an all-round service here that represents the interests of all of the market participants and compensates for costs incurred in the various parts of the system. 

  • What are my duties as an initial distributor of compulsory-deposit packaging?

    A deposit on non-refillable containers applies in Germany. Initial distributors of beverages subject to this single-use deposit must register their products with the German DPG Deposit Scheme. An EAN barcode (GTIN) must also be registered via GS1. To ensure precise, straightforward settlement of deposit fees, Interzero can also act as the deposit duty account service provider.  

  • What are my duties as a seller of packaging subject to the single-use deposit?

    German deposit legislation requires all retailers to take back beverage containers of the same type and material if the store size is larger than 200 sqm. In other words: if a retailer does not sell beverage cans, he or she is not obliged to offer a take-back service for beverage cans. Take-back of packaging subject to the single-use deposit can be handled manually or by an in-store reverse vending machine, for example. 

  • I take back packaging. Who picks up the packaging from my store?

    Pick-up for this packaging is organised by service providers such as Interzero. We provide you with special sacks plus ties – known as “talons” – for sealing the sacks. The talons ensure that we can trace the sacks while they are in transit. We count and crush the packaging in our certified counting centres and reimburse you for the deposits paid out. 

  • Do I need a deposit account reverse vending machine?

    Not all stores offering take-back need a reverse vending machine: it all depends on the volume handled, the space available and budget requirements. Other options are available – please call us for details.