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Helping to create a sustainable world

The vision and mission statement of Interzero make it clear: sustainability is our corporate DNA.

Our vision is a world without waste. A world worth living in for today and the generations of tomorrow. On the basis of sustainable recycling systems and innovative plastics recycling, we work together with our customers to secure the supply of raw materials for future generations. With our “zero waste solutions” concept, we contribute to climate and resource protection – and therefore to the preservation of the bases of life on our planet. Get started together with us in a world without waste!

We collaborate closely with our customers, employees and partners to develop new solutions for an all-embracing circular economy. We develop digital concepts and operate customised closed-loop solutions for an exceptional range of materials to avoid waste completely or to use it for new products. As an innovation leader in plastics recycling, we bring all of the closed-loop processes and technologies together – from intelligent collection systems, to high-tech sorting, through to the production of climate-protecting recyclates and product applications.

Where we want to go, what we do, what unites us

1 Our vision

Our vision is a world without waste. A world worth living in today and for the generations of tomorrow.

2 Our mission

We develop digital concepts and operate customised closed-loop solutions for materials so as to avoid waste completely or to use them for new products. As an innovation leader in plastics recycling, we bring together advanced processes and technologies – from intelligent collection and recycling systems, high-tech sorting, through to the production of recyclates and product applications that will reduce the impact on the climate.

3 Our customer promise

With Interzero, you choose an innovative, sustainable and individual recycling and closed loop management – digitally and from a single source. The return of important reusable materials and the use of recycled products give you clear ecological and economic advantages. In this way, you offer your customers clear added value and secure access to important raw materials.

Looking to the future – the Zerolution continues

What we are doing doesn’t just have a future – it is the future. We knew this when concern for our planet was far from being on everyone’s lips and we were laughed at for our plans for completely waste-free raw material loops. After we were founded in 1991, we focused on pioneering work for the recycling of packaging waste. Since then, we have returned hundreds of millions of pieces of used packaging to the raw material loop. In doing so, we have conserved important resources and relieved the burden on the climate and the environment.

We are proud of what we have achieved over the past three decades. However, our achievements have only been possible because we have never rested on our laurels. Businesses which want to stay fit for the future are required to consistently question successful business models and drive innovations. To achieve our vision of a world without waste, we give our best every day. We initiate new developments, bring the relevant stakeholders together, rethink current solutions and always look at things from a new perspective.

Sustainable development and economic success are two sides of the same coin: businesses which adapt fully to the closed-loop economy together with us are already benefiting as pioneers of the circular economy. The benefits for our customers are wide-ranging: from the securing of raw materials and the efficient use of materials, to fulfilling the increasing requirements for sustainability of end customers through to cost savings – a win-win situation for the economy, society and the environment.


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