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Interseroh+: The entry ticket for the entire raw materials loop

Dual system with added value: the offer from Interseroh+ extends far beyond the licensing of packaging.

The circular economy thought further: at the start of 2022, with its Interseroh+ dual system, Interzero launched a brand new concept. Accordingly, companies that decide on a contract with Interseroh+ GmbH don’t just fulfil their statutory packaging licensing obligation. As a partner to the “Recycling Alliance”, they can actively promote the recycling and raw materials loops – and also join as a silent partner if they so wish.

A sustainable plus for our customers

Interseroh+ provides sustainable solutions for packaging recycling which challenge the world of politics and civil society to take action. In this respect, we support manufacturers and distributors in optimising their packaging to improve its recyclability, to use more recycled raw materials, and to therefore help conserve resources. A definite plus for our partners: in addition to its licensing business, Interseroh+ has also integrated specific services for the recyclable loop in its offer. The companies also gain access to both recycled raw materials and the “Made for Recycling” auditing procedure for sustainable packaging optimisation. If they change over to recyclates for their products and packaging, they obtain direct access to the know-how of our internationally-accredited centre of competence for plastics recycling in Maribor.

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The entry ticket for the entire raw materials loop – dual system with participation option

Sustainability might be just a buzzword for some, but for us it’s the beating heart of our business. For more than three decades, we’ve focused our efforts on closing loops, avoiding waste and conserving resources. And now we’re going one step further: together with you and Interseroh+. We aim to establish a collective recycling alliance, in which you work with us as a partner to set standards and promote the use of the closed-loop economy.

  • A transparent and cost-effective recycling solution
  • All of our services in connection with the mandatory licensing of packaging
  • Access to recycled raw materials and recyclates

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Sustainability and more

  • Reputation

    As a participating partner, you will play a leading role in relation to sustainability.

  • Authentic communication

    Together, we will communicate the topic authentically to end users.

  • Certified as sustainable

    Our recycling work saves resources, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and protects the climate.

Our expert for Sales packaging recycling
Frank Kurrat
Frank Kurrat

CSO Interseroh+ GmbH

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