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“Future Resources – Future Perspectives”: a vision for packaging recycling

+++ Register now for this prestigious conference hosted by Interseroh+ and the German Packaging Institute (dvi) at KölnSky in Cologne on 9 November 2023

+++ The packaging and recycling industry will discuss future prospects, best practices and innovation

+++ Focus topics: EU packaging legislation, paper packaging, recyclability, use of recycled materials

Cologne. What does the packaging of the future look like? How can we conserve natural resources and reuse the raw materials in circulation as efficiently as possible? These questions will be on the agenda at the seventh Future Resources conference hosted jointly by Interseroh+, the recycling alliance set up by Europe’s leading circular economy service provider, and the German Packaging Institute (dvi). 

Entitled “Future Resources – Future Perspectives”, the conference will see experts working in commerce, consumer goods and recycling coming together in Cologne on 9 November to discuss future prospects and innovative solutions for packaging recycling. “We are bringing together different players from across the sector to learn from each other and create new opportunities within the supply chain,” said Markus Müller-Drexel, CEO of Interseroh+. “In doing so, we are all pursuing a common goal: to close loops sustainably and thus make a real contribution to protecting our environment.”

The focus topics are (all presentations will be held in German):

Legal Perspectives

After a keynote from Dr Frauke Fischer entitled “Beyond the obvious – why we need to talk about biodiversity”, the conference will first focus on the legal aspects of packaging recycling. With this in mind, lawyer Dr Markus W. Pauly will deliver a presentation on the EU’s new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. Among other things, this legislation stipulates that only packaging that meets specific recyclability conditions can be put into circulation from 2030 onwards. Gunda Rachut, Chair of the Central Agency Packaging Register (ZSVR), will then speak about how the minimum standard drives recyclability.

Praxis Perspectives

The event will also focus on practical experiences and ideas from companies. Pia Schnück, Head of Sustainability at REWE Group, will present her company’s “packaging strategy and vision for a comprehensive circular economy”. REWE sees significant potential in avoiding packaging waste by using unpackaged and multi-use systems. Marius Haufe, Manager - Managed Marketplace Services at eBay Germany, will highlight the latest trends, opportunities and challenges from an e-commerce perspective. A panel discussion will then focus on the future of paper packaging, as packaging manufacturers, sorters, recyclers and spokespeople from the “Waste Separation Works” initiative offer different points of view on this hotly-debated topic.

Innovative Perspectives

The possibilities for recyclability and using recycled materials in the market will also be demonstrated by a series of short presentations in which various trademark owners and packaging manufacturers will unveil their latest packaging innovations.

“Attendees at our conference can look forward to gaining exciting insights and points of view,” said dvi Managing Director Winfried Batzke. “The event’s unique venue above the rooftops of Cologne also underscores our commitment to opening up new perspectives in the packaging industry and expanding our horizons together.”

The “Future Resources” conference will take place on 9 November 2023 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm at KölnSky in Cologne. To register and for more information, please visit



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Interzero is one of the leading service providers in the field of closing product, material and logistics loops as well as innovation leader in plastics recycling with the largest sorting capacity in Europe. Under the guiding principle of “zero waste solutions”, the company supports over 50,000 customers throughout Europe in the responsible handling of recyclable materials, thus helping them to improve their own sustainability performance and conserve primary resources.

With about 2,000 employees, the company achieves a turnover of over one billion euros (2021). According to Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Interzero’s recycling activities could save one million tonnes of greenhouse gases compared to primary production and more than 8.7 million tonnes of primary raw materials in 2022 alone. As a pioneer in the circular economy, Interzero is winner of the German Sustainability Award as well as the related special award in the “Resources” transformation field for 2024.

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