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Market-oriented plastic recyclates: The path to greater resource efficiency and climate protection

Interseroh at Fakuma 2021 trade fair +++ Fakuma: Interseroh presents innovative recompounds for new areas of application +++ Use of recycled raw materials improves the sustainability balance of industry +++ Recent study: the use of Procyclen results in 56 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared with plastics made using crude oil

Cologne. Recycled plastics as a contemporary solution for a more sustainable form of production: at the international Fakuma trade fair for industrial plastics processing which is taking place from 12th to 16th October 2021 at Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre, environmental services provider Interseroh will be showing what recyclates can do today. “The use of high-quality recycled plastics offers both ecological and economic advantages for the processing industry,” explains Markus Müller-Drexel, Managing Director of INTERSEOH Dienstleistungs GmbH. “Recyclates are the viable answer to the challenges of climate change and dwindling primary resources. In many areas, they perform just as well as new materials, they help to conserve raw materials and they also improve companies’ sustainability footprints.”

The plastic recyclates Procyclen and Recythen which Interseroh makes using its many-times award-winning production process Recycled-Resource, can now be found in many high-quality applications. The granulate Recythen, for example, is suitable for the manufacturing of cable drums, garden furniture as well as drainage and cable protection tubes. The exceptionally high-quality recompound Procyclen can be adapted precisely to the requirements of customers in terms of their flowability, stability, UV and heat resistance and colouring – and is increasingly gaining new areas of application. Among others, Procyclen is now used in the manufacturing of designer furniture, sports goods and packaging elements for decorative cosmetics. The in-house Interseroh laboratory is responsible for the market-oriented development and qualitative monitoring of recycled plastics. In 2020, the Centre of Competence for Plastics Recycling in Maribor, Slovenia was awarded its official international accreditation. This means it is the only recognised research institution in the EU to have specialised on the development and analysis of recycled plastics.

From a technical perspective, recycled plastics are now a real alternative to new materials – and the benefits for the environment have also been proven: a recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT on behalf of Interseroh demonstrated that the use of Procyclen saves an average of 1,002 kg of greenhouse gases per tonne in comparison with primary plastics that are made from crude oil. That is equivalent to 56 percent fewer climate-damaging emissions. At the same time, the consumption of primary energy per tonne is reduced by an average of 21,199 kWh – equivalent to using a washing machine 14,133 times. In the case of the recycled plastic Recythen, the savings total as much as 1,100 kg of greenhouse gases and 22,254 kWh of primary energy per tonne. These figures have a positive impact on the sustainability balance sheet of plastics processing companies.

Interseroh will be in hall B1, stand B1-1125 at the Fakuma 2021. It goes without saying that we attribute considerable importance to the currently applicable coronavirus protection measures and to your safety. We look forward to your visit!

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Interzero is one of the leading service providers in the field of closing product, material and logistics loops as well as innovation leader in plastics recycling with the largest sorting capacity in Europe. Under the guiding principle of “zero waste solutions”, the company supports over 50,000 customers throughout Europe on the responsible handling of recyclable materials, thus helping them to improve their own sustainability balance and conserve primary resources. With about 2,000 employees, the company achieves a turnover of over one billion euros (2021). According to Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Interzero’s recycling activities will save one million tonnes of greenhouse gases compared to primary production and more than 8.7 million tonnes of primary raw materials in 2022 alone. As a pioneer of the circular economy, Interzero is holder of the German Sustainability Award 2024. Further information can be found at


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