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Interzero and Resourcify digitize Europe’s leading waste management network

+++ Resourcify, the digital platform for waste management and recycling, forges a new partnership with recycling service provider Interzero.

+++ Burger restaurant chain Five Guys has already implemented the collaborative Zero Waste Manager digital solution to efficiently manage waste, its disposal and recycling.

+++ One of Europe's largest waste management networks will be digitized with the financial value managed by Resourcify doubling prospectively.

Hamburg/Cologne/Berlin. Today, the leading digital waste management and recycling platform, Resourcify, and Interzero, Europe's leading recycling service provider, announced their new comprehensive partnership. As a result of their collaboration, Interzero's customers will be able to utilize Resourcify’s digital waste management services with advanced functionality. The new joint solution is called Zero Waste Manager.

With this new service, Interzero offers its customers an integrated digital solution for organizing their waste management more efficiently. Recycling partners from Interzero's network can place their orders, as well as report their performance data, through the platform.

Efficient waste management for a large customer base.

With this approach, customers can significantly improve the organization and operation of their recycling processes. In most cases, waste is still being managed using the simplest methods of data management and without any central digital link between partners. Through data analyses within the platform, customers can now clearly see where they can reduce waste, increase their recycling rates, and close the loop of valuable resources. Zero Waste Manager is the optimal comprehensive tool that provides both the customer's operations and sustainability teams with data handling and closed-loop solutions on one unified platform.

By partnering with Interzero, Resourcify reinforces its position as the leading tech platform for waste management and recycling in Europe and is able to work with one of the largest integrated waste management networks in Europe. This partnership also means that Resourcify is prospectively doubling the volume of financial recyclables managed on its platform. Moreover, by gaining access to Resourcify's technology through their collaboration, Interzero is able to take a crucial step in the digitalization of its own processes. The use of their digital platform will result in an increase in efficiency through automated billing and payment processes as well as in the processing of complaints.

High expectations among partners

According to Sebastiaan Krol, CEO of Interzero Circular Solutions, the use of state-of-the-art technologies is an important pillar of the company's own strategy, both for its customers and within its own company, in order to increase quality and efficiency: “This partnership gives us the momentum we need to grow and expand into new markets. We are excited to usher in a new era of digitally optimized recycling for our customers across Europe with Resourcify and Zero Waste Manager. With this partnership, we are forging a productive alliance from the ground up between the circular economy leader with the fastest-growing start-up in the industry. Together, we can increase our reach and drive the market forward by revolutionizing it through consistent data-driven processes.”

“Our partnership combines the decades of experience of Interzero's circular experts with Resourcify's cutting-edge technology, creating a novel kind of synergy. We will help Interzero's customers digitize their waste management, collection, documents and payments. Combined with our industry-leading reporting tool and optimisation expertise, we are creating one of the most compelling new digital services in the European recycling market. For us, this collaboration represents a growth potential of more than 100%. To date, we have managed over €100 million worth of waste annually. As a result of the partnership with Interzero, we will be doubling this value in the future – and that's just nationwide”, says Gary Lewis, CEO of Resourcify.

Positive results with the first company clients

Since the end of 2022, several companies have already been using the Zero Waste Manager. Among the first clients was the burger restaurant chain Five Guys. Waste management at all 35 of their locations in Germany is now handled through the platform. Pia Dörner, Project Manager Operations, explains, “Here at Five Guys, we have gained a reliable, digital platform with Zero Waste Manager, which, through systematic recording and digital data linking, allows us to organize the collection logistics and recycling of our transport packaging waste in the most efficient and transparent way possible. This means we always have an overview of the waste volumes, garbage and containers, and can provide auditable proof of our resource-conserving management of them.”

Separate data handling for Interzero customers and waste management partners 

With the Zero Waste Manager, Resourcify and Interzero are also breaking new ground in data management for customers and waste disposal partners within the platform. The partnership manifests itself in a white label platform, which is operated through a newly founded subsidiary of Resourcify GmbH and is data-separated from Resourcify's existing platform. As part of the partnership and development of the Zero Waste Manager, Interzero also made a strategic investment of 5% in Resourcify – without co-determination or data rights. The transaction was overseen by commercial law firm Dentons on the Interzero side and YPOG on the Resourcify side.

About Resourcify:

Resourcify helps companies optimize their waste management. The easy-to-use SaaS solution makes recycling more efficient and transparent. It helps companies recycle more, reduce costs, and recover waste as recyclables. Since the end of 2018, the platform has been used to process more than 1 million waste disposal orders each year by clients such as Syntegon, Hornbach and McDonald's in over seven European countries. Waste management companies are also using Resourcify to improve their customer service, strengthen their sales, and attract and retain more high-revenue customers. Further information can be found at



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About Interzero:

Interzero is one of the leading service providers in the field of closing product, material and logistics loops as well as innovation leader in plastics recycling with the largest sorting capacity in Europe. Under the guiding principle of “zero waste solutions”, the company supports over 50,000 customers throughout Europe in the responsible handling of recyclable materials, thus helping them to improve their own sustainability performance and conserve primary resources.

With about 2,000 employees, the company achieves a turnover of over one billion euros (2021). According to Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Interzero’s recycling activities could save one million tonnes of greenhouse gases compared to primary production and more than 8.7 million tonnes of primary raw materials in 2022 alone. As a pioneer in the circular economy, Interzero is winner of the German Sustainability Award as well as the related special award in the “Resources” transformation field for 2024.

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