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Circular economy service provider Interzero continues to enhance brand identity

+++ Interseroh+ GmbH becomes Interzero Recycling Alliance GmbH

+++ BRAMIN GmbH is renamed Interzero Baler Solutions GmbH

+++ Interzero forges ahead with strategic brand presence

Berlin/Cologne. Interzero today announced that going forward two further companies will be doing business under the name of Europe’s leading provider of closed-loop and plastics recycling solutions. Interseroh+ GmbH is now operating as Interzero Recycling Alliance GmbH while BRAMIN GmbH has been renamed Interzero Baler Solutions GmbH. This rebranding initiative follows the company’s move in early January 2024 to consolidate its entire plastics recycling business under the Interzero banner. It marks another significant step towards establishing a unified brand identity for all group companies in the long term. Renaming these two businesses enables Interzero to combine its portfolio and the many years of expertise of all companies under one roof, creating clarity for employees, customers and partners alike.

"We are proud of our more than 30 years of experience and the diverse expertise across all divisions that is now unified under the Interzero brand. Alliances and genuine team play are needed to advance the circular economy. At Interzero, we embrace the synergies delivered by collaboration among our various companies every day - for a world without waste," said Dr Axel Schweitzer, Chairman and Owner of Interzero.

Interzero Recycling Alliance

The Recycling Alliance launched by circular services provider Interzero offers services aimed at all companies that not only want to comply with their legal obligations to license packaging but also want to take responsibility themselves for working to close recycling and raw material loops. The Alliance’s experts provide advice on recyclable packaging design, assist manufacturers with issues relating to the use of recyclates in the production process and award the "Made for Recycling Interzero" seal. For further information, please visit

Interzero Baler Solutions

BRAMIN GmbH – now Interzero Baler Solutions GmbH – has been part of the Interzero Group since August 2023. The company offers a wide range of vertical balers designed for compacting packaging waste, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, and for collecting and marketing pressed secondary raw material bales. For further information, please visit

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About Interzero:

Interzero is one of the leading service providers in the field of closing product, material and logistics loops as well as innovation leader in plastics recycling with the largest sorting capacity in Europe. Under the guiding principle of “zero waste solutions”, the company supports over 50,000 customers throughout Europe in the responsible handling of recyclable materials, thus helping them to improve their own sustainability performance and conserve primary resources.

With about 2,000 employees, the company achieves a turnover of over one billion euros (2021). According to Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Interzero’s recycling activities could save one million tonnes of greenhouse gases compared to primary production and more than 8.7 million tonnes of primary raw materials in 2022 alone. As a pioneer in the circular economy, Interzero is winner of the German Sustainability Award as well as the related special award in the “Resources” transformation field for 2024.

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