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ElektroG 2022: Interseroh supports industry and the retail trade in taking back old appliances

Amendment of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act +++ New legal requirements for manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment for professional use and for online retailers that supply electrical and electronic equipment to private households +++ Interseroh offers all logistics and recycling services from one single source

Cologne. The new Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, ElektroG3 for short, is to come into force on 1st January 2022. Manufacturers and distributors will be required to comply with stricter rules for the take-back and environmentally compatible management of waste equipment. To allow industry and retailers to fulfil their responsibilities quickly and efficiently, environmental service provider Interseroh is extending its range of services. “We are responding to the current demand with additional services. For online retailers, we will take responsibility for the collection of waste equipment, which will be mandatory in the future, and we will also support manufacturers in fulfilling the new legal requirements,” explains Markus Müller-Drexel, Managing Director of INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH. “Together we can ensure that more waste equipment is recycled and that the raw materials re-enter the cycle.”

For online traders who supply electrical and electronic equipment to private households, the ElektroG3 provides for far-reaching changes. Among others, from 2022 distributors will be obliged to collect waste equipment such as televisions, refrigerators or washing machines from private users free of charge as part of the so-called 1:1 take-back scheme. They are required to notify their customers of this requirement when concluding a purchase contract and ask whether any waste equipment needs to be taken back when a new appliance is delivered. In the future, it will no longer be sufficient to take back this waste equipment at collection points within a reasonable distance, for example. On behalf of online retailers, Interseroh is now offering the collection of waste equipment from private households for the first time. The company already has an effective reverse logistics system and holds all the required permits for the professional waste management. After collection, the waste equipment is dismantled properly, shredded and finally sent for professional recycling. In this way, online retailers receive all logistics and recycling services from one single source – and stay on the safe side in terms of ElektroG3.

Manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment for professional use are also facing new challenges. Whether it is a cash point or an electronic hospital bed: in the future, the manufacturing companies must themselves create suitable possibilities for the take-back – the responsibility for the waste management can no longer be passed on to the users through basic contractual agreements. The companies have to prove to the EAR Foundation how they will implement this in specific terms in the form of a “take-back concept”. One possible solution is cooperation with Interseroh: as a commissioned third party, the environmental services provider provides the necessary logistics and waste management structures, and is responsible for the individual transport, treatment and recycling services. In addition, the waste management professionals take care of the documentation of the quantities and provide support with the EAR registration – through to the saving of the required take-back concept. The best conditions, therefore, for efficiently recycling the valuable raw materials from waste electrical (and electronic) equipment.

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For further information on the services offered by Interseroh surrounding the ElektroG3, please visit this site.

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