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Workshops with our packaging and recycling experts

Understand the closed-loop economy, and learn about the best recyclability for packaging. In this way, you can make your packaging sustainable and fit for the future.

Consumers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly packaging. This is presenting a major challenge to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. This is an area in which we can provide you with expert support. At in-person or online workshops, our experts for packaging and recycling will provide you with an overview of the “after-life” process surrounding your packaging (disposal – sorting – recycling), and work with you to identify potentials for optimisation.

Custom workshop Online workshop Group workshop
All day 3 hours All day
Maximum number of participants is 25 (a single company) Unlimited number of participants Maximum number of participants is 15 (several companies)
At your location (*alternatively, also available to book with a visit to an ALBA sorting plant) Online seminar At the ALBA sorting plant in Berlin
✔ Detailed analysis of your packaging ✔ Focus on your packaging ✔ Focus on your packaging
✔ Sorting and recycling of packaging ✔ Sorting and recycling of packaging ✔ Sorting and recycling of packaging
✔ German Packaging Act ✔ German Packaging Act ✔ German Packaging Act
✔ Recyclability of packaging ✔ Recyclability of packaging ✔ Recyclability of packaging
Costs: 3.900 EUR Costs: 1.800 EUR Costs: 680 EUR
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What participants say about our workshops:

"We particularly liked the individual and interactive nature of the custom workshop. Together with the experts at Interzero, we developed some initial ideas regarding a PET juice bottle with maximum recyclability at the workshop itself. A few months later, those ideas gave rise to an innovative PET bottle made of 100% rPET, which has elevated the visuals, product protection, a low carbon footprint and recyclability to a brand new level: top marks of 20 out of 20 for Beyond Juice – Made for Recycling. "

Philipp Langhammer Product Manager barrier technology KHS Group

"As manufacturers of packaging, we are more in demand as customer advisers than ever before. It is therefore essential for us to know about the second life of our packaging and that of the market, and that we can advise our customers correctly.
The joint workshop with the packaging optimisation team at Interzero made a decisive contribution to allowing our sales team to become a reliable contact on the topic of the closed-loop economy. "

Max Wolfmaier Manager Sustainability Schur Flexibles Germany GmbH

Contents of our workshops:

  • Statutory regulations

    Gain an in-depth insight into the German Packaging Act and the minimum standards stipulated by the Central Agency Packaging Register.

  • After-life process

    We guide you through the entire after-life of your packaging: disposal – sorting – recycling.

  • Assessment criteria

    We assess the recyclability of your packaging together with you.

  • Potentials for optimisation

    We reveal potentials for optimisation, and consistently do so according to the key functions of the packaging.

  • Closed-loop economy

    We prepare you for addressing the topic of the closed-loop economy, so that you can become a professional partner to your customers.

  • Co-determination

    You can actively co-determine the contents.

How our workshops work:

The path to your sustainable packaging optimisation

Presentation of Interzero, the participants and the joint expectations.
What do the end-customers think? Consumer perspectives on the topic of “packaging and sustainability”.
German Packaging Act: What has changed, and what does this mean for your company?

The path to your sustainable packaging optimisation

How does the mechanical sorting and recycling of lightweight packaging work?
Criteria for the recyclability of packaging, and joint assessment and optimisation of your packaging portfolio.

Our expert for

Packaging optimization

Julian Thielen
Julian Thielen

Head of "Made for Recycling"

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